Liberty Issues

    9-16-23 11:37 PMQualified Immunity

    Jacqueline Craig, who won civil rights lawsuit over Ft Worth arrest, has died - CBS News

    "In 2018, a federal judge dismissed most of the claims against Martin but did not agree the Fort Worth officer had qualified immunity, which ..."

    9-16-23 10:58 PMCertificate of Need

    The Georgia House study panel is tackling controversial state laws restricting hospital construction

    "... Certificate of Need Study Committee. Jill Nolin/Georgia recorder. The Senate passed a The invoice However, with a 42-13 vote this year that would ..."

    9-16-23 8:33 PMOccupational licensing

    'How Do We Bring More People to Connecticut?' CBIA

    "... occupational licensing reform. "While lawmakers approved major personal income tax relief measures this year, more still needs to be done ..."

    9-9-23 4:25 PMCertificate of Need

    The impact of certificate of need laws on rural health care - Kevin MD

    "But first the hospital needs something else: a government permission slip called a "certificate of need" or "CON."."

    9-9-23 12:27 PMQualified Immunity

    A Cop Jailed Her for 2 Years on Fake Charges. Will She Ever Get Justice? - Yahoo News

    "When Mohamud sued, Weyker was denied qualified immunity, the legal doctrine that makes it difficult to sue state and local government actors ..."

    9-2-23 9:35 PMQualified Immunity

    Deputy Stabbed In The Head By Violent Woman On Video LEO Round Table

    "02:07 Qualified immunity upheld for LAPD officer involved in shooting 13:00 3rd Annual National Law Enforcement Survival Summit by Wounded Blue"

    9-2-23 8:45 PMQualified Immunity

    State high court will consider New Bern eye surgeon's CON challenge | - Carolina Coast Online

    ""Fifty years ago, the North Carolina Supreme Court held that the state's original certificate-of-need law was unconstitutional," said attorney Joshua ..."

    9-1-23 10:52 PMOccupational licensing

    Week in Review: The Last Thing We Need This Labor Day - Goldwater Institute

    "One in four jobs in America requires an occupational license-a government permission slip to work. These licenses are expensive, ..."

    8-26-23 2:28 PMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Congress can aid in curbing the government's legal appropriation of billions of dollars from citizens

    "While we, as Americans, take due process for granted, individuals caught in civil asset forfeiture proceedings are considered guilty until proven ..."

    8-26-23 2:17 PMQualified Immunity

    Laredo's La Gordiloca arrested at Harmony on Criminal Trespass charge

    "After the second opinion was published in August 2022, the court affirmed their original decision, denying qualified immunity from the officers that ..."

    4-15-23 8:23 PMQualified Immunity

    Brittany Packnett Cunningham Goes on Tear on Tim Scott - Mediaite

    "I'm really looking forward to him finally getting out of the way of ending qualified immunity for police officers who kill people."

    4-8-23 8:21 PMCertificate of Need

    A Georgia bill to increase funding for mental health failed to pass in the Senate. What ...

    "SB 99 would have changed regulations for the construction of rural hospitals, eliminating certificate-of-need requirements in certain areas."

    4-8-23 10:14 AMQualified Immunity

    Records: Darien schools hired SSO found guilty of excessive force

    "But, the jury also found that LaBonia had qualified immunity by proving he had "a reasonable and objective belief that the force used was ..."

    4-8-23 5:19 AMCertificate of Need

    State approves Mercy Flight's expansion into Orleans County and town of Hamlin - The Daily News

    "ALBION - The state Department of Health has formally approved transfer of Central Orleans Volunteer Ambulance's certificate of need to Mercy ..."

    4-8-23 5:02 AMWar on Drugs

    South Carolina Needs To Pass 'Compassionate Care Act' - FITSNews

    "Senate Panel Advances 'Certificate Of Need' Repeal. by FITSNews · FITSNews January 12, 2023 April 1, 2023. State House ..."

    4-1-23 8:53 PMCertificate of Need

    Mission, HCA Healthcare noncompete lawsuit dismissed; doctors now working at Pardee

    "The lawsuit is steeped in the complex North Carolina laws regarding medical treatment expansion known as certificate of need or "CON."."

    4-1-23 8:50 PMCertificate of Need

    Georgia Regents approve Augusta University Health deal with Wellstar

    "... proposal that would allow smaller counties to build hospitals without first obtaining a costly "certificate of need" from state regulators."

    4-1-23 8:10 PMCertificate of Need

    Thumb MRI services merge with Hills and Dales hospital - Huron Daily Tribune

    "Thumb MRI was also in jeopardy of losing its certificate of need, which would've meant a total loss of an MRI room or facility for the entirety of ..."

    4-1-23 4:19 PMCertificate of Need

    General Assembly session the usual combo of triumphs, defeats | - Capitol Beat

    "... caught up in negotiations with the Senate over legislation creating an exemption for rural hospitals from Georgia's certificate of need law, ..."

    4-1-23 9:21 AMCertificate of Need

    MercyOne Des Moines to shut down its midwives program. What that means for pregnant moms

    "Though Boone received a certificate of need from the state to open Healing Passages Birth and Wellness Center, she said she couldn't obtain ..."

    4-1-23 2:29 AMCertificate of Need

    A bill to increase funding for mental health failed to pass the Senate. What happened, what's next

    "SB 99 would have changed regulations for the construction of rural hospitals, eliminating certificate of need requirements in certain areas."

    3-11-23 11:41 PMQualified Immunity

    Ben & Jerry's co-founders join police accountability rally

    "... when police use deadly force and to end qualified immunity which they say can be used to shield law enforcement officers from accountability."

    3-11-23 10:43 PMQualified Immunity

    Families of Mass. residents killed by police rally to demand end to qualified immunity

    "... by police were joined at a protest by the founders of Ben & Jerry's ice cream to demand that legislators end qualified immunity in Massachusetts."

    3-11-23 7:33 PMCertificate of Need

    LETTER: Citizens lose under certificate of need law | Opinion |

    "LETTER: Citizens lose under certificate of need law."

    3-11-23 5:42 AMOccupational licensing

    Other states are loosening, cutting back on occupational licensing. Why not California?

    "In 2019, then-Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law, with bipartisan support, legislation implementing universal occupational license recognition. Already, ..."

    3-11-23 4:50 AMQualified Immunity

    A Police Officer Shot and Killed a 17-Year-Old Boy as He Fled. Now, His Mother Is Suing.

    "Qualified immunity protections have managed to protect police from civil rights lawsuits, even in cases where their behavior explicitly violated a ..."

    3-11-23 2:35 AMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Prosecutors Filed Retaliatory Charges Against Detroit Man for Challenging Car Seizure ...

    "Under civil asset forfeiture laws, police can seize property suspected of being connected to criminal activity, even if the owner hasn't been ..."

    3-5-23 12:02 AMQualified Immunity

    Watchdog group questions Alexandria Police training; lawsuit in progress

    ""The city also took steps to shield them with qualified immunity, a judge-made doctrine that protects government employees from civil liability ..."

    3-4-23 11:00 PMOccupational licensing

    John F. Floyd on occupational taxes - Gadsden Times

    "If the occupational license fee is eliminated, that revenue as part of the operating budget will have to be made up somewhere in the tax ..."

    3-3-23 11:57 AMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Sheriff's Employee Embezzled Funds in Keeping with the Spirit of Civil Asset Forfeiture

    "Sheriff's Employee Embezzled Funds in Keeping with the Spirit of Civil Asset Forfeiture. One guy with gambling debts is a news story, but a formal ..."

    3-26-22 12:16 PMQualified Immunity

    Case Against Woodland Police Set For Late April, But Could Be Dismissed Due to Qualified ...

    "... But Could Be Dismissed Due to Qualified Immunity in Barrera Death ... on whether the case will be dismissed on grounds of qualified immunity."

    3-24-22 10:36 AMQualified Immunity

    Democrats defend U.S. Supreme Court nominee Jackson from Republican attacks | Reuters

    "... a Pulitzer Prize winner for team project on how the defense of qualified immunity protects police officers accused of excessive force."

    3-24-22 7:25 AMQualified Immunity

    10th Circuit finds prison officials had immunity for sexual assault of inmate | Courts - Colorado Politics

    "On Tuesday, the 10th Circuit granted qualified immunity to the three defendants, identified as special investigative services technicians Redding, ..."

    3-24-22 1:06 AMOccupational licensing

    Group: Reducing business licenses would help Ohio economy | National News |

    ""Occupational licensing restrictions make hiring more difficult for employers and tell skilled workers that their skills and training are insufficient ..."

    3-24-22 12:09 AM

    'We've got problems' with long wait times for ambulances in Ky. This bill seeks to help.

    "Kentucky and Hawaii are the only states that regulate ambulance services under a Certificate of Need provision outside of the Cabinet for Health ..."

    3-23-22 11:31 PMOccupational licensing

    Women's History Month: How to make working part-time easier - The Tennessean

    "Yet some states, including Tennessee, penalize part-time workers with unnecessary occupational licensing requirements."

    3-23-22 5:50 AMQualified Immunity

    Halsey Frank: In support of qualified immunity | The Maine Wire

    "Qualified immunity protects law enforcement officers from having to defend against claims that they used unconstitutionally excessive force."

    3-23-22 3:41 AMQualified Immunity

    Family of Manuel Ellis offered $4M settlement in wrongful death suit - The Black Wall Street Times

    "Qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine that shields government officials from being held personally liable for constitutional violations- ..."

    3-23-22 3:24 AMOccupational licensing

    Buckeye Institute-Championed Universal Occupational License Recognition Would Ease ...

    "Occupational licensing laws especially burden military families as they move about the country, but they are not the only professionals who suffer ..."

    3-23-22 1:59 AMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Lightfoot's Stalled Proposal to Go After Gang Profits Won't Get a Vote at City Council Wednesday

    "... not tired, failed approaches like civil asset forfeiture," Yohnka told WTTW News. "After two meetings without being able to win passage, ..."

    3-23-22 1:26 AMQualified Immunity

    Scotus Reax Local 5 News at 6 - YouTube

    "The Laws That Protect Police from Prosecution: Qualified Immunity & Police Unions - TLDR News. TLDR News US. TLDR News US. . 45K views 1 year ago ..."

    3-23-22 1:23 AMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Police questioned by Boston City Council about use of 'stingray' surveillance technology - WCVB-TV

    "... Chief for Administration and Technology Lisa O'Brien, who explained the department used a civil asset forfeiture trust fund to pay the bill."

    3-23-22 1:12 AMCivil Asset Forfeiture

    Boston Police defend purchase of surveillance equipment; councilors call for an end to the secrecy

    "... investigation by WBUR and ProPublica that revealed Boston police bought a cell site simulator from proceeds of civil asset forfeiture in 2019."

    3-22-22 11:17 PMOccupational licensing

    From traveling nurses to agency staff, providers need to adapt to meet new generation's needs

    "... suspended occupational licensing, including nursing licenses. ... As licensing requirements return to normal, the workforce may shrink even ..."

    3-22-22 11:16 PMQualified Immunity

    Maryland legislature has unfinished business on police accountability | GUEST COMMENTARY

    "Qualified immunity is the legal doctrine that protects police from individual liability in civil matters, denying their victims due process."

    3-22-22 10:59 PMCertificate of Need

    Administrative law judge rules in favor of Mercy Health, affiliate's plan for Kent County ... - MiBiz

    "... to award certificate of need approval to a Universal Health Services Inc. (UHS) affiliate for a new facility with 60 adult inpatient beds."

    3-22-22 10:46 PMCertificate of Need

    Devil in the Details: Inside the Government's Push for Nursing Home Financial Transparency

    "Depending upon how stringent the certificate of need laws are, that's one way to expose the underlying investors in these nursing homes and make ..."

    3-22-22 6:22 PMQualified Immunity

    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Her Civil Rights Record

    "On the other hand, in our judgment, some of Judge Jackson's qualified immunity decisions suggest undue deference to law enforcement officers ..."

    3-22-22 3:38 PMOccupational licensing

    Lawmakers have their work to do | News, Sports, Jobs - Marietta Times

    "It seems clear that SOME of the occupations for which a license or ... Regulations such as licensing and permits are an easy place to reverse ..."

    3-22-22 10:00 AMQualified Immunity

    How qualified immunity acts as a barrier to accountability for alleged police brutality

    "But those cases are hard to win, in part because of a legal doctrine called "qualified immunity" that shields officers from many claims of ..."

    3-22-22 5:17 AMOccupational licensing

    Setting Oklahoma on a path to post-pandemic growth

    "Oklahoma's traditional regulatory structure too often fails those tests. Oklahoma has one of the nation's most burdensome occupational licensing ..."

    3-22-22 1:54 AMOccupational licensing

    Occupational Licensing Hurts the Vulnerable Without Helping the Public - Reason Magazine

    "The main point of occupational licensing is, we're told, to protect the public from incompetent and crooked practitioners in various trades and ..."